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Internal/dash light switch

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Morning chaps,

Because I've taken the roof off the Landy I've lost the internal light. It's been a couple of years now but it slowly got on my nerves not having any sort of interior light, so I've sorted one out now and wired it to the original switch how I thought it should go but its working odd.

Using the original +ve (blue and white striped) I linked this to one wire of the new light, and created a new -ve and plugged it into one of those multi-connection triangular profile plug things that you find around landys. I already had one of the solder on ends you need to plug a wire into these.

Great. And it all works. But its doing something I find odd.

The switch has 3 positions;

Top - dashlights on

Middle - all off

Bottom - interior light on

Except, mine is doing this only when the lights are off.

With the lights on it works like this;

Top - dashlights on

Middle - interior light on

Bottom - all off

I really don't understand this, and it means the interior light comes on in two positions, depending on if you've got the sidelights/headlights on or not.

Is this the way these switches work?

Its a 1986 Ninety if that makes any difference.



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wiring diagram shows

purple wire from dash to clock/interior light switch then to purple/white wire to interior light, with the other side of light earthed on a black wire,

have you refitted the triangular connector block the rightway round.

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