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Hi. I'm looking to buy a bike carrier for my 2003 freelander.

Has anyone got any tips/advice?

This one has caught my eye - Tradekar TAKE FOUR 4 bike carrier - but I'm not sure if it will fit a freelander because of the spare wheel.

If you've got a bike carrier for your freelander and if you're happy with it, please could you tell me what you've got. I don't want to spend money on a carrier and then find it doesn't fit the freelander or it's rubbish!


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I bought a bike carrier from Halfords which hooks (and straps) onto the back wheel and will carry up to three bikes. It cost about £60 and works fine except that you have to remember not to use the rear wiper since it hits the bike carrier as it sweeps. You could fix this by removing the rear wheel carrier and inserting some spacers (about 0.5" would probably suffice). Incidentally I have seen a very similar item in a French supermarket (Auchan) for about £16!

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Hi, on my Discovery I have one from simbars which consists of a plate that fits on the spare wheel holder which you slide the rack onto when you need it and off when you dont takes 10 secs - I am sure they do a version for the Freelander you will be able to use the door and leave the rack on.

I think paddocks or craddocks sell them.


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pendle bike racks. We have the one that you fit the wheels and tyres into and keeps them separate from one and other. Superb, enough said ;)

Hey, thanks everyone.

I'll take a look at the simbars and halfords ones. The one where the wheels fit into really appeals. I've looked at the website cut can't find one for the freelander. Rhys, does your pendle carrier sit on the tow bar?

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