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Hello all!

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Hello all!

I'm 19 and looking to buy myself my first Land Rover in the near future. Currently looking at an '86 90 with either a 2.5D or a 2.5T/D (don't know which yet, need to ask the fella). It's done 118,000 miles, which as far as I'm aware should be fine for a well-maintained diesel. It also has power steering (I'm sure I read somewhere that the 200TDi onwards models had this, but I prepare to be corrected in quick time!).

Now, I'm sorry to jump in with the questioning straight away, but despite having owned cars for the last two years I've never had the sense to buy a Land Rover :P What I'd like to know is, and assuming the vehicle in question is in good nick otherwise (rust free and what-not), are the 2.5D and 2.5T/D lumps a good bet for a first timer? I've read a fair bit of variation in opinion on these engines, with some saying they're good reliable units and others cursing them as being a load of rubbish. I don't want to be hitting massive speeds, or do trialing. I'll mainly be using it for transporting people/kit to and from airsoft games, with the occasional bit of off-road and maybe some green-laning.

And yes I'd love to have a 200TDi, but my cost range doesn't stretch that far ;)

Cheers guys


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2.5 n/a diesel is a good solid reliable engine, a well cared for example will run for years, the TD suffers from excess heat stress in the cylinder head & pistons,simply because it's turbo'd but doesn't have a intercooler, the 200Tdi is just top dog :)

all 200Tdi's & TD's have power steering.

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you could always start our with the 2.5 and then transplant a 200 tdi when funds allow.

There are plenty of TDs running out there. A bit noisy but much better performance than the n/a. There are some reliability issues as Ralph says but you'll hear people with stories about just about every LR engine.

Just go into it eyes wide open. There are heaps of cheap Landys out there so look around for a good one. You'll need to set aside some money for servicing and maintenance (just as with any car) but they're fairly cheap to fix - especially over their lifetime.

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Well I'm looking for a 200TDi now, as I think I can make my budget stretch to one....if I can find a nice one!

Will be easier for me to insure an original vehicle than one that's been up-engined. Phoned Adrian Flux today just out of interest, they wanted well over a grand for the same vehicle that Churchill gave me a quote of £650 for! So much for them :D

Thanks for the help guys :)

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