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Spotlight troubleshooting

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Sorry its another spotlight wiring question but i just don't understand what my problem is.

I wired 2 8" wipac spots, they are wired such that they have an independent switch, i have followed a wiring diagram and i am 100% sure that all the wiring is in the correct place.

The bulbs are 2x55watt and the wire i have used all round is 15amp which feeds into a 30amp relay, i have used the live feed straight from the battery.

When i switch the lights on they briefly light up and go straight off again as if something is cutting them off, there are no problems with the circuit to the switch as the illuminated switch stays illuminated whenever it is in the on position. None of the fuses go, so the lights just flick on briefly every time.

I think the problem must be within the relay somewhere however my electrical knowledge is poor and i don't really know what could be happening.

All of my earth's (2) feed into the negative battery terminal, i think this is correct.

Does anyone know what my problem may be?

Thank you in advance.

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Guest diesel_jim

You should have 3 earths...

one from each spot. and one from the negative side of the coil on the relay.

so, following the wiring, you should have:

connection at the +ve side of the battery, through a fuse into the common contact of the relay (contact number 30). then from the N/O (normally open) terminal (number 87) go to the bulb of each spotlight.

the earth of the spots, like you have done, can come back to the battery.

then you need to get a feed to the coil of the relay (to energise it).... take a feed fron the headlight main beam wire, connect through terminal 85 or 86, then take the other terminal, either 86 or 85 and connect to earth.

as per the diagram below, you can add a switch (this diagram has an illinumated switch) so you can see whats happening:


the illinumated switch should only light up when you flick on main beam.... maybe you've got that the wrong way round and the bulb in the switch is causing a drag to earth which is knocking out the relay. try bypassing the switch for now, and see if they (the spots) stay on.

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My circuit does not include the main beam, my plan was to make the wiring more simple by not including a main beam feed, therefore to my switch i just have a positive and an earth (which goes through the relay)

Could my troubles be related to this? considering i am leaving the main beam component of my switch unconnected??


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If you've only got two wires to the switch, it's likely that the indicating bulb will be in series with the relay, which is why the relay is not staying energised, as Jim said previously.

Any particular reason you're switch the earthed side of the relay? its far more common to switch the supply. switching the supply will probably also make powering the indicating lamp easier.

Could you draw up the circuit you have, so we can see what you've done? - it would help. :)

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