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Russian pond-life


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Yesterday, my :P bog standard V8 auto went for a swim! The chap in the photo is my Russian co-driver, the man responsible for treading the path first before commiting me - needless to say our swim was followed with an :lol: expletive filled discussion.

Our little folly into completely unprepared offroad racing (a decision made whilst totally sloshed the night before at base camp) resulted in nothing worse than some soiled carpets and pants, the loss of two front fog lights, both headlight glass cracked, and an abs light that refuses to go out! After being towed out by a Russian Uaz jeep she started on the button once the dizzycap was wiped glean of gunk. The exhaust pipe provided a water fountain display, think the water plugging the exhaust caused the engine to stop while we were submerged doh!- though strange, I thought the pressure would have kept the water out of the system <_<

Who says V8's cannot swim!


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If it's EFi beware the ECU is under the seat and will not thank you for getting wet :ph34r: looks like fun though :lol:

Rare that water in the exhaust would stop it, are you sure it didn't just die in the normal V8 way when faced with water near the engine?

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The Honduras Trophy (set in Russia!) has been a top event in the Black soil region of Russia over the years. I have competed every year since it started. Really spooked the Russians when I first turned up unable to speak a word of the lingo and hand signals were the only means of communicating, but after the first outing it was made very clear to me that I was very welcome - vodka, backslapping, and fits of laughter at my muppet attempts to traverse the terrain won me friends! I was 'awarded' a Klashnikov AK74 for my 'spirit' at the end of my first Honduras. First prize was an anti-aircraft gun (serious no-joke!)

However, after the first couple of years things got a bit too competitive with the organisers bowing to pressure from the semi-pro classes and the run-what-you-brung crew got a little left out. Though that said we are always treated well and able to compete in the events, events that have included a 48hr non-stop rally raid in the past.

This year they experimented with a new format for the events, instead of a couple of big do's during the year its gone into a staged event, that has meant its now both much smaller, shorter (single days), and with fewer competitors. We hope they will go back to the old format next year, with long weekender events, plenty of parties!, loads of press and special events.

Heres a link to the photogallery of past honduras events, you'll get a gist of whats what!



I fried the cd changer under the seat :angry: but the ECU is thankfully intact

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the guns and the alcohol are familiar - its like Slough but you're less likely to get shot at in Russian woods :lol:

pm sent - Honduras looks cool, it will be interesting to see next year if the Honduras, the Offroad GP or the Euro 4x4 all running at the same time causes one or more series to go under :( (hope not)

wander over the border for the Finland Trophy?

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