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Discovery 200tdi turbo to fit defender

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I'm hawing a Discovery engine fitted in my land rover 90 from 1987. Last week I bought a 200tdi exhaust manifold to replace the 19j manifold and 19j-turbo temporarily fitted.

I'm planning on using the discovery turbo on the defender manifld, but the center housing is in the wrong position. The oil in and output hole's pointing sideways.

How du I change it's position.

using a spanner and lots of wd40 I've unbolted the four bolts holding the hot side to the housing but the thing wont come loose or turn.

What am I doing wrong?

Please help.

Kind regards Claus from Denmark

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Get a big circlip plier and remove the big circlip holding the aluminium housing onto the cast iron one. Then you can separate them but take care not to damage the o-ring in between. Turn the ally housing approx. 90 degrees from its former position so it point some 45 degrees upwards and assemble the two housings again.

The wastegate actuator needs to be moved, but this is only a matter of drilling and tapping a new set of bolt holes. Do it before you assemble the turbo... ;)

And if your Land Rover is LHD, you might find that the collapsible joint in the steering shaft will hit the turbo. If so, just take the shaft off and turn it upside down. This will move the joint nearer to the steering box.

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IMHO: Don't mess around like you have planned, just fit the normal Disco manifold and make the necessary changes as in my reply. ;):)

Well, I did...

Yes that would be fine if I got a RHD as you, but I don't. The steering link is in its way and it dosn't fit - been there done that!

Bought a new manifold ERR678 for 200tdi defender and I still want to mount the almost new discovery turbo on top of it, and now I sorted it out my self.

Take off the wastegate actuator and the small clip.

Loosen the four bolts (use lots of wd40) holding the hot side turbine housing.

Tap it gently with a hammer until it's loose.

Turn it untill the center spool housing is in the right position.

Tighten the four bolts again.

Remove the large clip on the turbine inlet housing.

Pull the compressor housing off not damaging the O-ring.

Turn it in the right position and put it all together again.

Tap two new holes for the accurator arm.

Claus Pihl

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Iv got a 1990 2.5td 90defender and im just thinkin of getting a 200tdi engine.

The engine that I am looking at has a r380 gearbox fitted to it, will this fit straight into my defender.

The engine and box has come out of a disco (m reg i think)

Many thanks


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