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importing a v8 engine


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no pm,s im looking at the 5.3 vortech v8 as it is lighter than the 350 and i dont need huge power realy

is it?

an LS1 is pretty much the same weight as a rover V8 which in itself is a very light powerpack. Can't beleive you would save much over a LS1- mine weighed in at 199kg all in- guess you migh save 10kg if you were lucky.

good thing about LS1 is that they are reliable, powerful and easy to mend/tune as they are so common!

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pass - I dont know a specific number but I could find out, I'd guess they would weigh in pretty much the same as an LS - the price is cool though, one of the motors on my "must find a use for one of those" lists, that and the L67 Gen II with the right bits nailed to it mmmm :lol:

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