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Rattling pads?

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Td5 has a nasty clank on braking that has got worse lately. the issue is brake pad related and occured on fitting a new set of pads.

originally it came from just the f/o/s wheel station and i narrowed it down to the fact that the new pads fitted weren't a good fit in the calipers and it was the brake pad 'clankng' slightly.

The f/n/s has just started to do the same now.

the wheel bearings are sound so it not them causing the pads to be pushed back.

braking ability is not affected, ie 1st push doesnt take up the slack with 2nd push giving brakes it works as it should

the 'clank' occurs when the brake pedal is pushed. the pads dont rattle as such under no braking conditions. they only clank once on first push of the pedal.

would the symptons fit my assumptions?

if it is the pads that are just too small for the calipers, does it cause any ill effects, and could i weld say a 'lump' onto a pad backing then grind it back to make a better fit? or would this heat destroy the pad?

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Glad you mentioned that James, I've been noticing the same on mine. I put it down to having the windows open these days and therefore only recently been able to hear it!

I think it's due to the pads moving slightly in the caliper - with the wheel off and having a look, the pads move sideways slightly before they locate with the pins/calipers. I'm not sure if that's 'cos the wrong pads are fitted or if they all do that.

Anyone got any ideas?

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