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anyone in guildford area?


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This is a slightly strange post, and probably in the wrong area, but I had to put it somewhere.

I need to find somewhere in the guildford (ish) area. to do work on my landy. it was on my dads drive and moved from there to my flats parking, however they dont seem to like untaxed cars (all the rest are audi tt's and shiney BMW's) so moved to my outlaws. I then tried to sell bits of it on here, however, i broke my leg, and am now back working full stregth and looking to sort her. However, i'm now getting it in the neck from them that its "getting rusty". so i need somewhere to keep it and do work on it. If anyone knows of anywhere, or has somewhere (if anyone wants to help me then feel free!) i can keep her? I can afford to pay a bit, and more than happy to commit to a time scale



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