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High Mileage TD5's

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I'm after getting my hands on an ex-utilities 110, the sort with the rear lockers etc

I've looked at both tdi and td5 ones and whilst i'm fairly happy with high mileage tdi's, i've no experience of high mileage (c.120k) td5's - has anyone any thoughts? Generally speaking, all of these 110's have been thoroughly maintained throughout so no worries there...

I'm not after any scare-mongering about ecu's and electrickery - I'm a big fan of the td5 just not sure of whether it wears as well as a tdi...



P.S. Anyone got any good links on where to find ex-utility 110's, preferably direct from source....?

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I know of several TD5's with 300k km or more on them.

On my previous job, I got to drive a 110 DCPU with 250k km, gathered over just 4 years, it still drove great, never had any real problems apart from the injector O-rings needing replacing.

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I know of several high mileage Td5s with no problems conversely I know of several others that have gone bang or worn out with very low miles (30-40k) so from knowing the vehicles I would say the ones to be wary of are the "lots of cold short runs shopping cars" rather than motorway milers. Bit like any engine really but the Td5s really don't seem to like it.

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Where I used to work we had 3 TD5 Discovery 2 on the books, two with >100k miles on the clock and none of them gave any trouble. Just got normal service work and they were good to go :)

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