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Ticking from underneath.


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My 2001 4.6 Vogue automatic has developed a ticking sound underneath, after about 3 0r 4 miles

I get this ticking from underneath, about 2 per second, if I stop it still ticks in P or N and does not

increase in frequency if I rev the engine, I have checked for anything loose and banging about, but

found nothing, any ideas out there,

Godzilla. at dizndave@alicesdsl.fr

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Not been involved with a 4.6 but have come across a ticking from another auto which turned out to be a cracked torque converter drive plate.

Not what you wanted to hear I know and I hope I'm wrong as it will be a time consuming job for the sake of a cheap & cheerful piece of tin plate.


ETA Just re-read your post and you say it does not change with increase in revs so ignore the above.

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