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Problem when reversing a 4x4??

Ryan Fuller

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I've got a Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 - but I was thinking about buying a Land Rover Discovery (300TDI). I am curious to find out if you get the same problem when reversing.

When the Ranger is in 4x4 Hi-ratio it is almost impossible to turn while reversing on dry tarmac (obviously because the wheels are not moving on their own accord).

The disco is obviously permanant 4x4 - does this have the same effect when trying to reverse on dry tarmac?

I suppose what I'm asking is do you have any problems reversing them?

If so does the car try to fight with you and is there a method to reversing a land rover?

Also anyone got anything to say about the 300tdi? Good or Bad?

Thanks for your help


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4x4s like the Ranger are part-time 4wd and should NEVER be used in 4hi (or 4lo) on solid surfaces! Wheel scrub and tranmission wind-up is inevitable and can lead to transmission failure.

All LRs after the SIII are permanent 4wd, with a centre differential. This allows the front and rear axles to turn at different speed, so you get no problems manoevering.

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Er there shouldnt be any problems - does the ranger have fully locked diffs or something?

A Ranger does not have a centre diff, so in 4x4 (either hi or lo), both axles are locked together, like on a Defender with difflock engaged.

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are you in 4x4 on a hard surface as you picking up speed/momnetum coming off it in reverse for a softer surface with no time to change into 4x4 then?

If not i wouldn't lock the centre diff or engage 4x4 on the hard surface.

in short you will experience similar characteristics in a LR with the centre diff locked as the ranger in 4x4 when on a hard surface.

which would let it slip easier i dont know.

Surely the problem would be there in fwd and reverse?

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I have a Ranger, yes it scrubs/drags and no you should not use 4WD on hard surfaces :)

I have a gravel drive which I need 4WD to reverse out of as its a bit of a slope (2WD just digs in and scatters gravel everywhere) so I move off going straight back in 4WD then knock it into 2WD before putting full lock in.

It's a faff about, and so much easier in a Land Rover where it all happens properly :)

Any part time 4WD system will do what the Ranger does, i.e. most maybe all of the Jap double cabs with poverty 4x4 system.

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