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Heater Matrix change


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I have looked in the Technical Archive in vain, and the LR manual makes it difficult to know where to start and what to remove. Has anyone done this? It doesn't look like a quick job.

For my old 91 D1 its quite easy ( prob a hanyes one spanner rating :)) to do.... remove the center console, then move the dash retaining screws etc working up from the foot wells, remove steering wheel and instrument pod, lift the dash clear and the heater units is in front of you.

If you just want to change the martrix the heater unit will split in half as unscrews and clips.

I allow about 4 hours to do it. Tho would take me a bit longer now i have fitted an internal cage..

hope this helps

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It's a 300 - used to be a Rover V8 manual but is now a GM 6.2 V8 with GM auto box. I don't think the engine will make any difference.


I changed the matrix on a friends 300 a few weeks ago.

Its a long job, but not complicated.

Park the car on a steep downhill nose first, from inside the engine bay, loosen the hoses between the engine and the bulk head and take them off ... put a connector in so you can still run the car if you need to. This avoids draining all the system.

All the Dash, central column, steering wheel controls instrument cluster need taking off, then the fan cluster in/behind the glove box.

Then take the heater unit out. The matrix is held in place with one or two little screws.

I bunged up the "hole" behind the heater and put the steering wheel / controls back so the guy could drive his car.

Get a new matrix and fit the pipes to it from the old matrix. I then pressurised the whole thing to make sure there were no leaks.

As haynes manuals like to say, refit in reverse order. You may wish to refit the heater hoses to the Matrix BEFORE fitting all the dash. Then drive around for a while (hence making it drivable in the first place without the dash) to make sure there are no leaks.

Good luck,


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