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Offroading in Canadian Rockies?


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Hi all, I'm off to Canada in a few weeks and was thinking of squeezing in some offroading in the Rockies or anywhere over on the West side.

Does anyone have any experience of driving trails over there, or know where to hire vehicles / find routes etc etc?

All ideas appreciated!

Cheers, Al.


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Al Where abouts are you going exactly. When I was there a couple of years ago I went to Vancouver, well just outside of it. If you look at Scorpians site they sell bits produced by Iron Goat. They are regular offroaders and more than willing to offer up advice for routes etc when I was there but with the Jeep we had hired I didn't fancy chucing it at the scenery that and time was against me. But I'm sure there was a club thing going on around there. Worth an e-mail at least. HTH

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Hi Al,

If you venture over the border in the good ole' US of A they have National Forests and "Beaureu (sp??) of Land Management" area where you can drive loads of off road trails. I'm pretty sure they have the same sort of thing in Canada.

We went out for the day with Calgary Land Rover. The bloke who organised the trip is from Yorkshire and was trying to get the Canadians to appreciate what their LR's could do. They led us to a place called McLean Creek, between Calgary and Banff... its an "Off Highway Vehicle Forest Land Use Zone", and from what I can tell there are quite a few places like this. You can also camp at any of the designated rough camping areas, just make sure you pop in and tell the ranger otherwise they won't know if you get eaten by bears!!


Dan :)


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Al, let us know how you get on. British Columbia is my favourite place on earth, and as Dan and Jen I'm sure will testify, has some of the best scenary/landscapes around. I was unfortunate that I never got to venture off-road in a vehicle as I was on a trekking holiday. Vancouver, Banff (in neighbouring Alberta), and Whistler area are all brilliant, and there are lots of places inbetween.

If I had the chance (and the visa points :angry: ) I would move there tomorrow.

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Where exactly are you going?

It is a BIG place....

There are Land Rover clubs in Alberta and BC and we can probably arrange a trip if we know your location and timing. There is a long trip (400 km off road) happening next week so people will be hard to contact.

BC Club is here.


The Alberta Club hangs out on LRA.


I seriously doubt that you will be able to rent anything that can go off road other than an ATV.

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