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Steering problem and clutch

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On my 300Tdi have noticed a couple of problems.

Firstly when steering it feels different to my old 200Tdi. It feels like a disc sander does when you're using it really slowly on a surface (is the only way I can think of to describe it). I put this down to a tyre difference as my old 200Tdi had 205/85s rather than 235/85s I currently have

But I've since noticed that on left full lock I get a real juddering through the wheel. Right full lock is fine. Is something up with the pump?

Also had a couple of burning clutch incidents, usually when reversing up hills. I don't think this is much to worry about does anyone else?

Finally it seems that the 300Tdi is a bit more "gutless" than the 200? Anyone else noticed this?

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If your power steering fluid is at the right level, then it sounds like you may have a problem brewing with the pump - I know the feeling you mean and with me it's always been low fluid levels so hopefuly it's as simple as that..

I think the reversing problem is basically due to the clutch plate being fairly small, a 110 is fairly hard to push up a hill and people usually ride the clutch when reversing - if you're loaded up and reversing up a steep hill you can make life easier on the clutch by dropping into low box.

Can't say I've noticed a power difference between the two engines - I've got a 200 ninety and a 300 disco and they both seem pretty evenly matched considering the weight difference.

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