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Dashboards and steering wheels

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it is worth updating my dashboard (1986 90) to a TD5 one, is it a fairly straight forward swap or not worth the hassle. My reason for thinking is that my vehicle was once owned by a messy unclean person and no matter how much i try to get the crud out of everywhere i'm still pulling bits of straw from between the dials. I'd also like to fit one of the centre consoles and wondered what this would entail (Is the TD5 dash fundamentally different where the centre console fits?)

Also, is it possible to swap to one of the more modern (thicker) steering wheels (mines fitted with the thin 4 bar one) or would I need to fiddle?

Cheers :blink:

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Thanks Western! ...

thats cleared my steering wheel issues up nicely!

I think however the sun has been getting to my head, having just re-read my own post I realise now that what I was intending to ask was whether it was worth updating the clocks/dials .. not the whole dash. Then possibly modifying my existing dash to fit a later centre Console. .. Or is it easier to fabricate my own?

Sorry for the confusion,


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