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Retro-fit electric folding mirrors?

Matt S

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Having bought a newish Freelander in January with what I thought would be all the spec I needed I am now about to move house and will be parking tight next to a very unforgiving wall on a narrow road and need to fold the mirrors in... I have 4 options I think;

1- Bash the current mirrors to bits on the wall...not really desirable

2- Get out, fold the mirrors manually, get back in, park... tedious

3- retro-fit electric folding mirrors if possible? Anybody know if this can be done? (I have tools and am willing to try but am a bit ham-fisted if it's tricky, and don't want to make myself much poorer than I am now...)

4- buy a new car (don't want to as am loving the Freelander and can't afford to change just for mirrors...that would be ridiculous...)

I know it's a bit trivial but I'm sure someone will have some advice?



PS - the current mirrors are the electric-adjustment manual-folding type

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I don't know if any freelanders ever had electric folding mirrors, if they did it would be a straight swap with maybe some intruiging wiring.

I suppose in theory you could retrofit an actuator to the mirrors as they do fold in as is but that's a little beyond me :D

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The ES models had folding mirrors possibly some with lower specs. I didn't even know I had them until my 11 year old was messing with the electronic mirror adjustment! Just push the adjust switch down and hey presto! mirrors fold in.

I should think that you can 'retro fit' them. I believe the same wiring harness is used in all models. If yours has electronic mirror adjustment then it would be a case of replacing the mirrors and switch. You may need to have this activated with a T4 (Landrover management computer) for it to work though.

Good luck!

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