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Stuttering 110

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When Hatty punched a hole in her clutch fork arm earlier in the year she was threatened with a dam good thrashing. :angry:

For several months since she's been on best behavior.

Not any longer. :rolleyes:

The latest trick is to stutter when the throttle is eased off, not full overrun, just when you ease off a bit. Sometimes it's just a little, sometimes it's a bowel loosening kangaroo bounce (with lorry 2" from rear bumper), sometimes it just doesn't do it at all.

Nearest description is like a HT fault. Except that normally happens under load? It's also worse when cold, so not coil? Points etc. are all (fairly) recent.

It does it on LPG and petrol.

She starts well and runs sweet as ever when under load.

Thought it could be a air leak into manifold but all hoses/pipes look good and (surprisingly) the manifold bolts are tight. She's run a series one piece gasket for last few years without any problem.

Before I dive in and take the manifold off to check gasket anybody got any other suggestions?

Hatty's a 2.5 petrol, 150K miles, Maplin ignition, Lucas Gold coil.


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Fixed! Running as sweet as a nut.

What was it?

Er, not sure. :blink:

Cleaned points and rotor arm. Tightened carb and manifold bolts. Checked pipes and hoses. Nothing apparently wrong.

Only suspicious looking item was small breather that joins at base of carb. I put a tie-wrap on it to tighten seal. Could a leak here produce such a dramatic misfire?

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