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Odd Noise

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I have a 2.5L N/A Diesel with an LT77. Just the other day I noticed a noise while shifting into second, a lot like a slipping clutch, so much so I thought that must be it, until today.

(What I knew two days ago)

It would only occur in 1st through 3rd, while accelerating or maintaining speed. It would usually only happen for a second, I would ease off and try again and it would stop. It would only happen while the engine was cold and for maybe the first mile. Maybe 3 or 4 times during that mile. It did not occur in neutral.

(What I found out today, after experimenting)

It does occur in neutral, with and without the clutch engaged, and seems to take a little longer to go away, happening maybe once or twice after 20min of driving. It has squealed up to 4th gear but I haven't been able to get it to do it in 5th. So far it hasn't happened in reverse.

The sound is like a cross between a slipping clutch and a belt. It oscillates slightly and seems cyclical. It is directly related to acceleration, both in neutral and while making way. Haven't been able to get it to do it without moving.

I thought perhaps the clutch plate was warn and slipping a little until hot and then it would grab a little tighter. I inspected the fan belt and after market A/C belt and they both seem taunt and not overly warn or slick.

Any ideas?


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Clutch release bearing could be on the way out, they can squeal. Usually shortly before they go bang leaving you with a clutchless manual :)

I was wondering about that because it happens when the clutch is fully engaged, at that point there isn't any stress on the bearing correct? Or can it happen any time?

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Could it be a dry worn out prop joint ?

Checked them all again, all seem to be in good working order and well greased. Today the noise didn't happen at all until it started to rain, and then only a little, couldn't get to happen past 2nd gear and it wouldn't happen when the clutch peddle was depressed. I'm thinking I'll have to inspect the clutch plate and bearing. Anyone know what else it might be before I go that rout?

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