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Wiring Issues


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Hi all,

About 3 weeks ago I boiled my 300tdi Disco up, due to a weak radiator (not many fins on it). Rather than get rid of the love of my life, I decided to stick a new engine in it. So I shopped around and got myself another bargain 300tdi Disco. It has been pretty tough but I've managed to get the engine out of it and into mine, and all connected up with a new clutch etc. The problem I have now is the wiring. While I was at it I've changed the gearbox loom cos it had burnt out a few months ago. I have two plugs connected at the gearbox end, but still have the two seperate wires with clips on, and can't feel where they go.

Second, and more important issue, is that the wiring is different. I disconnected 3 plugs under the dash, and changed the wiring along with the engine (as per Haynes manual), problem being, the 3 plugs on the new engine are different.

What is the best solution? Change the loom? Buy an adapter? Get an auto electrician?

My car is an N reg, the new engine has come out of an M reg incase that helps. Would really like to get to the bottom of this tomorrow, so any help/tips appreciated.

Cheers in advance


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That's exactly what I did in the end, and it was suprisingly easy. Just got half the gearbox loom to replace now, and put the centre console together (imobiliser wiring). After all that work, and all that time, it started first turn of the key. How happy was I!!!!

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