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Cb radio

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Hi all,

I finally got round to fitting my cb radio in my 90. All seems to work ok but on my drive i cant pick that much up too often, seems ok when testing it with my mate down the road.

Question is though, i have a SWR meter and i have now got it to read evenly over all 40 channels (near enough anyway). I did this by trimming a little bit off the aerial each time till it was even, but its even at 1.7 across all channels.

I know it needs to be under 3, so its safe to use but is it as good as it should be?? or is there anything i can do to improve it and get closer to 1.5???

The aerial is mounted on the back face of my roof using a PSM-1 body mount, paint has been taken off where it mounts aswell as an earth running to the chassis.

Can i improve it or is it fine as it is??

any hlep out there?


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Make sure you do your SWR'ing in a large open area, not sure of how your drive/house is layed out, but I can't pick up bugger all outside my house becase there are too many houses in close proximity. Drive away from the houses and I can pick people up miles away - SWR also improves, although only slightly.

I get around 1.3 - 1.7 across channels and I'm happy with this, again with a PSM-1 mount and a small springer on a quick release.

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