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Leaking Exhaust


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Get underneath and listen, also you can hold a hand or something more heat-proof (a rag, etc.) over the end of the pipe to build pressure & make things leak a bit more audibly. You can often see sooty deposits on the pipe near a leak.

For a decent quick fix, I can recommend dual-band pipe clamps (available cheap-ish from most exhaust places) and silicone sealant, just as long as it's downstream of the Lambda sensors. If it's upstream, use pukka exhaust putty.


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After doing a bit of research, there has been a ticking noise coming from around the front of my car and i have noticed a residue around my head gasket area on the left side with occasional whitish smoke coming from the hood (i mistook for water vapor)- ill post a pic... Is this all related to a blown head gasket or just loose screws to hold the manifold onto the head?



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It lessens as the engine warms up because the metal expands and tightens the leaking joint. Start the engine and crawl underneath - you may be able to identify where the leak is from soot deposits/good hearing/feel the puff as it leaks.

Firegum is an excellent exhaust sealant - I use it all the time on exhaust systems.


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Oh and the ticking noise seems to go away as the car warms up and under acceleration. It seems worse in cooler weather...

HI, might be wrong but sounds like a cracked manifold, as it warms up the crack seals up, as already suggested start car get someone to block tail pipe end and quickly look around and listen for a huffing sound,

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