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Gearbox Problem


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Driving around yesterday I picked up a nasty rattle from what I think is the gearbox, it started in 1st then over the next hour or so progressed to 2nd and then 3rd, the rattle is quite sever and occurs at a certain rev range say over 2k in al of the gears, if I keep the revs low I can almost prevent it, not had the opportunity to drive fast enough to see if it occurs in 4th

When I dismantled the gearbox to replace the detent clips on 3rd/4th synchro I didn’t notice any other significant wear or play in any of the components, it seems I may have missed something although I guess this could be the transfer box, doesn’t appear to be the overdrive as it occurs whether it is engaged or not

Does anyone have an idea what this could be? Are we talking a main bearing or component here?

I am meant to be driving it to Wales and back this weekend I am really concerned that this gearbox will fail, what will be the result of anything in there failing?

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Err can I change my mind? Upon reading Jon’s post I took it for a spin to see if it happened in neutral etc which it did, I got under the bonnet which I had not had an opportunity to do yesterday, it seems the sound is travelling quite a bit because this noise is actually coming from the front or top/front of the engine upon revving, its sounding really bad, I don’t think its pinking or detonating although I did retard the timing slightly yesterday morning, this sounds a whole lot worse, I am hoping it’s the waterpump although I don’t think so and I would expect that to leak or make the noise all of the time (it was dripping slightly before but some bars-leaks sorted it) but it sounds more top end or possible timing chain, I will have to investigate later today

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Oh my god.........

Barrs leak does NOT fix leaky waterpumps!!!! Its a horrible horrible get you home type bodge fix for a leaky radiator! It does not fix, and was never designed to fix leaky water pumps!

Pull your fan belt off and spin the water pump over by hand and see what it sounds/feels like. You'll porbably find thats the source of the orrible noise. Replace it with a new one. They are not repairable or rebuildable.

While you've got the belt off also spin the alternator over by hand and check for noisy breaings there too.


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Well it was the water pump, new one fitted and all is well, amazing how that sound travels, I was convinced it was the gearbox yesterday

Thanks Jon for your advice

:D Great news!......Have a safe trip in the now-quiet Landy; `sorry the Welsh weather isnt forecast to be kind this weekend though. :(

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