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Brake Servo what will fit my 90

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Hi I recently puchased a B-Reg 90 that is retro fitted with a 3.9 V8.

I'm not happy with the brakes. It has a rangie disk braked rear axle standard 90 front. I've renewed the pads and replaced the fluid. I think the servo and or the master cylinder may be past their best.

1. What other options are there other than the standard replacement.

2. What later model servo and master cylinders fit?

3. I can get a 300 tdi Defender 90 brake servo/master cylinder unit will that fit?

Any advice welcome.



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i have a C reg with a later (300tdi disco) servo and M/C fitted.

you will need either the pedal box or to drill new mounting holes in the old pedal box to get the later servo to fit.

i would suggest running the later servo with the later M/C as well, not sure if the old M/C will fit straight on the new servo anyway.

have you checked that none of the pistons are binding? that was a big problem on mine and took a while to resolve as it just felt like it was loosing assistance.

Also worth checking the flexi pipes if they are old that they are not bulging under pressure.

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