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Oh Gawd....I've been TIGing

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Heres my first proper TIG efforts :blink:


From 20 week night course, loads of practise (since new toy), and I had a go for matey repairing the gears to shaft,

Cleaned up on the lathe then a pair of nice BIG V weld preps, and max amps biggest tungsten and a shed load of rods

Worked around the top and bottom in 1/2 inch runs so as to try to keep the heat down, then drilled and shoved a big pin in it puddled that in too

even though I did welding in bits too keep the heat down my tig gloves seem somewhat cripsy :lol:

Even so ....with a Huge amount of time (let it cool between blasts) and an even bigger number of rods, it seems well and truly together....

Struck arc each time and the weld pool formed and moved it round the rods disappeared and the pool was easier on thick metal, but hand seems shakey :lol:

post-22-1217532556_thumb.jpg post-22-1217532568_thumb.jpg

May the TIG experts not rip into me too badly..... :( ?

What do you think then :( ?

I guess although looks reasonable (I'm actually quite amazed and chuffed) .....see if he breaks it :lol:

Be gentle with the comments :ph34r: ......


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Don't worry Nige, you're not the only one learning to TIG.

Our YTS boy started on Tuesday morning, this is his latest effort...... :ph34r::P


While we're at it here is some MIG welding I have been doing on a well known brand of radius arm.......


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Wow Nige,

I know that I said on the other thread that there looked to be room for lots of weld on the gear but there's certainly more on there now! :P


Vee cut and Tig'd

If you mate breaks that lot then he ought to buy a tank!


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