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On the road again

Exmoor Beast

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The 110 is finally officialy back on the road after a minor spot of refurbishment :)

Lots of shiney bits that need muddying, just look at that exhaust gleam! in fact the whole underside is a bit shiney due to liberal coatings of waxoyl. There is no way I am ever going to be doing the second row seat crossmember again so thats getting a coat of waxoyl most weekends from here on ;)

I've still got lots of bits to do and some of its not painted yet, the only major bit left is the gearbox, I need to source an LT77 to rebuild and then swap them over at some stage.

Chuffed to be back on the road again, mountain biking was killing me.

Will :)

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eeerrr no I haven't Jon :) Its never got far enough up my list of things to do.

Well thats not true, the drivers seat has a newish base ;)

I have taken the back seats out, the Deerhound ate them, so I have to buy retrim kits for the front and new back seats when I can afford them. Probably sooner rather than later now as I can't take the kids out as it is, then again maybe thats a good thing...

Will :)

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Come along Steve, we all know what happened last time Will and Master Tony travelled to Slindon many moons ago ...

"THE GREAT ADVENTURE or The Further Adventures of Modern Hobbitry

Chapter 1 - The Meeting

The sun was setting on the little community of Devonia. The shadow of the great Mount Cullompt bringing a premature twilight to our two intrepid adventurers as they made their way to their local hostelry "The Barge and Tart".

tonywise Baggins-Cordell and his faithful companion Willsam Bowdentoe had enlisted in an adventure of unparallelled enormity, a trip to the far side of the known world, to Slin-Don Pit'h.

"Be it further than Bristol, Master Tony ?"

"Ay that it is, Will, almost as far as the lands of my birth, the great village of Norflondoninnitmay't."

"But that can't be Master Tony, we'll fall off the end of the world loike I did last time and look at moi Landy now !"

"Ah my dear Willsam, how can we adventure without a little danger to YOU ? Now my dear faithful companion, I have a plan for Slin-Don Pit'h."

"Oi knew you'd have a plan, Master Tony, all that hairdressing training has paid off handsomely"

"First, we must work together. I'll stay on the dry, clean bits and be ready to recover you as you drive maniacally into the muddy, tricky and potentially dangerous bits where damage can occur"

"But Master Tony, whoy do I have to do those bits ?"

"Because, my dear fellow, you're daft enough to do it and you know that if I get my new magic tyres dirty I'll have to take the landy home and wash them and then you'll be all alone"

"Ah, you've got it all worked out Master Tony, you be too clever boi 'alf for me ! Oi don't want to be left all alone in a strange land."

"Thank you Willsam, you know that I'll be there for you, at a safe distance, of course"

"Oi've been thinking a bit, Master Tony and now oi'm sweating but what do we do if we breakdown ?"

"If WE breakdown ? Surely you mean if YOU breakdown ? Like YOU broke down on the ShireMoor Challenge and ruined that adventure for ME, like YOU broke down and made US come LAST behind the Grand Vitara ?"*

"Oi said oi was sorry for that Master Tony, oi can't do this maintenance lark, oi get so easily confused"

tonywise shook his head and silently wished he had a companion of the quality that his grandfather Bilbo had. Brute force was all very well but sometimes it would be nice not to have to think for both of them.

"And what do we do if we get stuck, Master Tony ?"

"Well, my firm buttocked travelling chum, if we get stuck, I'll just call my friends in the Jeep club ...

Sorry Will but it's been a while and lots of our fellow forumeers won't have seen it ;)

Mo :)

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