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New Purchase??

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Its really difficult to price second hand landrovers with all the mods etc ..

Plus this one seems to have gender issues.. (read the bit about MPG carefully...) :P

I'd only probably offer £2.500 to £3K Tops.. but then thats me ... someone who really wants a V8 might offer more... someone who loves their 300Tdi or TD5 might offer something different..

I'm not an expect at all... but as no one else has posted I thought i'd start..

Now who'll give me £4k .....

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Putting my finest "cynical b*st*rd" hat on for a minute:

- It's 24 years old

- It's got a fugly grille

- Nasty chequerplate

- RR alloys stopped being cool in about 1985

- Tiny silly tyres (and yet supposedly it has lockers?)

- It all looks tidy but then things do in tiny photos, who knows how competent this "rebuild" was?

- The back axle doesn't look 100% refurbished, it just looks painted and slightly crusty.

- A coat of paint & waxoyl can hide a lot

It's maybe worth 2k for the fact it's a solid 90, perhaps a bit more if it's exactly what you're looking for. I'm very wary of spending money on someone else's "quality" workmanship.

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I can't see any evidence of axle diff locks.

The front axle is RR from the steering damper position.

The rear brake pipes are hanging near the axle.

I bet the gear lever hits the passenger seat in 2nd.

They never made a v8 90 in '84 so insurance would be tricky.


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I thought it looked quite nice :wacko: except for the dodgy engine but he could always put a Tdi in it :)

I would as, FF has said, need to be viewed very cynically and whilst waxoyl is a wonderful thing it can hide a multitude of sins ! Go and view it before bidding and ask if he's got the column shrouds which are missing in the vid ;)


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The way I have read the advert I would say it is not a genuine 90 at all but is in fact a hybrid built using RR running gear on a 90 chassis using a 90 body and various peices of trim. Quote "The Landrover has been built on a 90 chassis using all the creature comforts of a of a range rover."

This was a very common conversion a few years ago when 90's still commanded silly money but as they are now available so cheap the hybrid is less popular and of course you have all the issues of spares (what bit is from what?), insurance issues (it is a modified vehicle), quality of work etc.

The other thing to consider is that if it is a hybrid, they change hands for only a fraction of the price of a genuine vehicle.

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hmmm price going down with each reply on this one!

If it was me selling I'd ask myself the question why I'd just spent 6 years rebuidling if only to sell. Also note the pointlessly exaggerated over-selling in the advert ('virtually everything is new' !!) - always gauranteed to irritate the hell out of me

Motor is obviously well 'prepared for sale' - some people like to see that kind of thing, but I always like to see the vehicle as it really is. You never can tell whats underneath all the sparkly new paint

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From what I remember at the time, factory V8 Nineties were also fitted with a 4 pin diff in the rear axle.

This one will have a 2 pin. Not a big problem, just another reason for it to be worth less IMHO.

3 large absolute max.

And I would insist on a test drive if I were your friend.

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