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Tom Sheppard's Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide

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Anyone looking for this book .. I just bought one of the new limited number version 2.1 from the Royal Geographical Society for a normal price (not the outrageous prices on eBay or Amazon) .. stg£40!!

Brand new with a few updates!! Brilliant!


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Thanks for that, just ordered one.

They also have the expedition handbook and the expedition medicine handbook available for sale and incredibly for download free chapter by chapter. Could be useful to have the medical one on a pc for use in emergencies or just print out the relevent bits to take.


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The inside of the book has a summary of the updates - I can list them if required, but in the authors note he says it is mostly on GPS and satellite communications.

There is also a change of format - softbacked and black and white photography, as opposed to the hardback with colour photography. I suspect the photographs are the same, just in B&W. This may have been for the second edition, but it reads like it is for this one. It claims in the book that it is because people thought the nice hardback edition was too nice to take out with them, and this one is apparently one to be less precious over.... I suspect however it was also to do with keeping production run costs down.

I would actually quite like a look through an earlier one, as some of the pictures I feel would have benefited from colour..



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