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refinishing Aluminium

Exmoor Beast

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Sort of OT but Land Rovers have a lot of Aluminium so theres a slight link.


My Mountainbike frame has lost its polished Ali shineyness, mainly where the bare cables have scruffed the frame.

Anyone know if I can refinish it easily or should I just buy a new frame :(

Will :)

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just repolish with a polishing mop, unless it was lacquered and then u'd havta strip that first

It was lacquered, I was uncertain about the best method of clearing up the oxidisation, presumably attacking it with a stiff wire brush like I did for the 110s doors would be inadvisable ;) I might weaken the frame?? and at 48mph on my way back from the pub I don't want it failing!

So very fine glasspaper and steady as I go? then re-lacquer?

Will :)

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P400 dry to clear the lacquer or if its heavily skanked then vapour blast it

P400wet to smooth scratches and light nicks

P800 wet to prep for polish

Autosol and a mop or lots of rags will bring it to a mirror

Belgum Alu is good stuff too but a bit tricky to find

I spent years building motorbikes - polishing is the the reason why I dont have anything shiny anymore :ph34r:

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If the corrosion isn't too heavy, then a scourer (same as you use for your pots and pans) will remove it without removing any metal. There is a special clear laquer which is designed for protecting aluminium and keeping it shiny - forget the name at the moment.

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Erm, so how come you are worried about this bike being mint, and your LR F***** and erhow shal we say "Not" ?

Just a thought.... :lol:

anyway, get a soft cloth, the sort you use for polishing cars (look in up on Yahoo :D ) and tear into a long strip say 2 ft, by say 6 inches....then shove autosol solovsol on it big timey, and wrap around the frame TWICE, then pull back and forth and the looping around the tube will with the autosol polish it up in now timwe....your 110 on the other hand neeeds a tad more :huh:


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