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Chassis ID


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Hi ,

After the Hybrid falling foul of the SVA man I'm looking to get another LR but am keen not to repeat history.

I'm interested in a SII currently on fleabay how can I check that the chassis and v5 match?

Where on the chassis would I expect to find the chassis no? Is there a chassis no seperate from the bulkhead plate?

The LR clearly looks like a SII but has had a SIII bulkhead fitted along with servo brakes etc. I don't mind it being non-original BUT I don't want to be buying a SIII with a SII body which is going to cause me lots of aggravtaion with the DVLA in the long run.

Any help much appreciated.

Thnaks, Jos

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An S2 with an S3 body wouldn't fall foul of the SVA as they're interchangeable and bodywork doesn't really count for much.

The chassis number should be on the front spring hanger (dumb iron) but they do get obscured by rust and/or paint, especially if the MOD have been near it with their underseal.

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As stated ^^^ but just to clarify - its on the drivers side front chassi leg (stick your head between front of wheel and wing and have a wire brush handy !

In my experience - when i transferred a plate off of a series 2 it was inpsected at a dvla station as part of a random check - and they didnt even bother looking at the chassis number - all they looked at was the plate with the chassis number in the cab!

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Thanks for all that,

I was more worried about the tax exemptedness not being valid if it was a post 72 SIII and then if that reared its head there would be an issue with the ID not being right and I'd be back at trying to get a Q for a bag of bits...

I think the X member has been replaced anyway!

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