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i am attenpting to replace the big end mains and bearings on p38 .could anybody advise me if they are straight foward to do.engine rumbles when starting up.have been told big ends and mains.112000 miles on clock.thanks

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engine out drop sump and all the main caps and the crank mains, replace the rear main oil seal and the "T" seals check the flexi plate for cracking renew the cross bolt sealing washers as well then remove the shells and lube and refit check crank for scoring can also check the linners for slipping at the same time.

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Thats assuming (and prob unlikely) that the Crank is fine with no pick ups or wear.

Most likley there will be on one or more mains big ends, in which case as above, crank to engineering shop, polished or ground and shells then to suit and refit.

For refitting see BBCs V8 Build thread for the right way to do it :)

Fitting new shells to a crank needing polish / regrind is a waste of effort and a bit of a bodge - as the new shells will soon be mullered by the damage / wear on the crank etc and the new shells will not last anywhere near what they should do :( if long at all dependant on how bead the crank is


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Yep new shells on the crank without a regrind is a waste of time - i have experience on a Ford V6 doing this. Run it in gently for 500 miles - gave it a bit of stick & knock-knock-knock.

Essentially the new shells were only bearing on the high spots on the crank and too much power meant the high spots overheated and melted the lining (cant remember what the bearing material is called)

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