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Catflap 2 - 10 days to go

Exmoor Beast

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I think the message under Les' avatar should give a good indication of how far Les has got !

His 300 Tdi engine does look lovely though :) . I think with the extra work that had to go into that, he should get an extension to his deadline as I don't think a nut and bolt engine rebuild was on the cards at the time of reckoning the finish date.


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Money is the problem. Various brackets that I made have been shot blasted recently - including the crossmember that I made. After having to fork out on a new car, it kinda crippled the wallet for a while. I also decided to replace parts that were ok, but used - just to be on the safe side, so New Turbo and wastegate actuator, two Bosch 100-amp alternators, Bosch starter motor, gen PAS pump, etc. Little bits and pieces, such as injector clamps and studs, spill rail, etc are minor items, but took ages to get - especially waiting for the local Bearmach to get the gen items in (they have temporarily closed down now :( )

I'll be buying a Defender gearbox from Mr Ashcroft in the next 3-weeks or so, so another big expense.


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Money is the problem.

I know that feeling Les :blink: Even doing what I've done to my 110 over the last 6 months its amazing how much money you spend on nuts, bolts, grease etc. Keep up the good work, you'll have years of trouble free motoring when its done hopefully ;)

Will :)

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