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Vibration on overrun after doing props

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Had a terrible vibration when pulling so did the prop off checks and found it was the back one.

I've just put new U Js in the front prop and greased the slider.

With just the front prop on she ran beautiful with no vibration whatsoever so replaced the back prop with a recon one as one uj shot and tother worn.

Put it back on and vibration is back but not half as bad, also grinding noises from the gearbox area, could it be the transfer box as there is a lot of slop in it but no lift in the outputs.

The vibration also is there when easing off which is worrying as it didn't do it before, only when pulling so what has caused the change ?

The yolks in the rear prop do not line up, they are half a spline out, would this be the cause do you think ?

And, lastly, I've read that the front yolks should be out of line . is this correct ?

Don't think it's wheels or axels as this has happened over the last 900 miles (since I bought it :angry: )

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mine has a similar vibe, at first thought driveshaft but replacing the ujs didnt help, suspected diff but no play in the pinion, so suspect the transfer box. Have also heard of others with a similar problem which was tracked down to the rear output shaft bearings.

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