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vegtable oil?

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I have read various reports around veg oil and numerous mods, some say you can add a mixture of derv and veg oil with no mods.

Has anyone run a 200tdi on a mixture and at what % and how did it work out?

Or is it a bad idea? :ph34r:

Depending on Price I run up to 50% veg oil in the summer. (Max 25% in the winter)

Pura 1ltr is £1.09 in Tesco at the moment (It was 52p a couple of months ago!)

I have carried out no mods. It runs very smoothly (some say its better). Just change your fuel filter after a couple of 100 miles as the veg oil 'cleans' your pipes etc....

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What LR recommend, and what a lot of people do, in this case, is hugely different! ;)

I personally know of at least three landrovers running on a variety of SVO, SVO and petrol, and SVO/Diesel mix. There's a lot of information on the internet.

If you use any form of VO, as has been said above, you would be wise to change the fuel filter after a few hundred miles, and always carry a spare with you, as the thicker VO will pick up some of the rubbish from the bottom of the tank.

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yup, that's one of the issues, also, ISTR something to do with the specific material used to make the sealing washers etc in the pumps.

Personally, I can't justify a few p/litre against the potential cost of an engine rebuild. However, there are people who have been running VO in some form for tens of Ks of miles, with no hassle at all, bar the odd fuel filter.

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i'm running a 30-50% mix of SVO and 50-70% dinodiesel in my 300tdi with zero problems so far.

the earlier lucas fuel injection pumps wont cope with veg oil, but the bosch pumps found in TDIs will cope happily with it if they are in good non-leaking condition,

not noticed any difference in the way it runs or power or fuel economy.

Although when the tanks empty and i put the veg oil in and drive to the garage to tank up (so its almost 100% veg oil for that short journey), it can feel a little like its hunting whilst feathering the throttle at low speeds in traffic when its cold. eg 25mph in 3rd pootling in traffic with the temp gauge at 'cold' it can feel like its going up and down by 0.5mph. No other difference at all other throttle settings however. But once the gauge gets to 1/4 way up this symptom goes away. If the weather (and the oil) is really warm this doesnt happen at all.

Once its got some dino juice in and been mixed - back to normal service again.

I get my veg oil from makro and costco - KTC rapeseed 15 litres. Works out at 90p/l :P

So running a 50/50 mix will make your fuel cost approx £1.10p/l.

Thats a saving of £7 per tank full.

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