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Clutch staple pn FRC3416

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i am swaping from a auto to 5 speed and building up my clutch. Unfortunately i didnt order the clutch staple.

It is a small plastic U piece that holds the release bearing to the clutch fork.

Does anyone fit this? I would have thought it could run without it!

Also forgot to get a push rod FRC3417. Does anyone know the length of rod it is? Maybe you have an old one knocking about you could measure? (For 4cyl 5speed LT77). Maybe one from another model could be fitted as a temporary measure until i get one?

I know you probably say, just rush down to your local LR shop but unfortunately that is weeks away from me!

Cheers for any advice/help.

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hi guy's

sorry to just barge in without a proper introduction but i'm in kind of a pickle.

Last summer I bought a 1985 110 2.5 NA. last month the engine died on me and know I'm busy replacing it with a 200tdi Defender engine. All is going to plan except I forgot to place the FRC3416 clutch staple and know I'm not sure if I need to take the engine out to fit it or just to leave it and take my chances.

Les Hanson, if I understand you correctly the staple is not really necessary?

Hope to here from you soon,

Kind regards,


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