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swivel (chrome ball) seals - slight leak!

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HI, I have a very slight oil leak from my driver side swivel seal (drip down the tyre inner sidewall). There is no pitting on the surface of the ball, and no play in the associated bearings so I assume it is just the seal itself. I have checked out the tech archive and seen the thread on fitting a complete new swivel assembly (one of the messiest jobs you'll ever do, apparently). Have I got to go through all that just to replace the seal? :( Or....is there a cheaty way!

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the cheat way is undo the seal retainer, remove the oldseal, cut the newseal at the top& twist it in to place & refit the retainer plate. best way isdo it asper the tech archive thread.

Cheers Ralph. I new you were going to say that :( Still I'm going to have to wait till it stops raining.... Could be a while yet!

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