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Done the head gaskets, and still got a problem... what next?


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So I got the RR Classic running sweetly, purring on tickover, it idled for 20 minutes with the cap off, with the temp gauge at normal. There were a few bubbles in the header tank, which I thought might be an airlock bubbling out, but looked a bit worrying.

So we took it for a run... pulled well, felt smooth, but overheated after about 5 miles once we'd pushed it a bit down some country lanes. Got back and the top hose was rock hard, and you could hear pressure hissing out of the cooling system.

So, looks like we've got a porous block / liner problem.If nothing else we might chuck some 'block sealer' in it and see if that sorts it out for a temporary fix.

My mate who owns the car doesn't really want to spend the money on an engine swap, so has anyone got any ideas? Any advice would be welcome.

In case you didn't see the other thread, it's a '93 RR Classic 3.9 v8.

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i have used this sealer for a customer of mine a few years ago much to my non beliving and very sceptical nature was trully amazed that it worked and has been perfect that was two years ago and 30,000 miles still fine but had a lot of flushing to do as he had tried about 3 different types of rad weld as well so i flushed it through with a coolant flush first then clean water three times then did as the irontite bottle said and all is ok

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check that none of the hoses has any holes/splits/etc in them. i had a similar problem on my old range rover. try running the engine let it warm up a bit then put some revs on, check all the pipes etc now as they will be under pressure.

when i did mine i found a small pin-prick of a hole was the culprit, causing an airlock. replaced the section of pipe and it was absolutely fine.

maybe teaching to suck eggs, but it took me months to find the hole as it was soooooo small!

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Rock hard hoses obviously indicates high pressure but this is what you would expect to see if the radiator was blocked and the water was up around 100c.

If the radiator is blocked i would expect the bottom hose to be noticeably cooler.

Try removing the thermostat to see if it still runs hot - indicating further that the radiator is blocked

My top hose gets very hot and the bottom hose not much cooler but i have removed the viscous fan and use two A/C pusher fans on a thermostat.

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Thanks for all the advice...

I'm pretty sure it's not the radiator, as it looks nearly new, and the bottom hose gets hot too... although it's hard to get a paw in there to check!

The thermostat was also changed in the last year, at the start of the overheating problems.

Next up, it's definitely not leaking from any of the hoses... I guess we need to double check for the presence of combustion gases in the header tank to be sure, but I reckon that's what's going on.

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