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Fan Installation

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Bought an X-Eng fan switch of Simon (Thanks Simon). I was wondering what would be the best fan to get from the scrap yard to put on. I am going to be putting a 200tdi out of a disco in to a TD 90. Do i need two fans a low temp and a high temp one, or could i just use one. If i used one fan i would also like to have an over heat warning lamp and a fans running lamp so i can see when the fan is working. Also could anyone recommend any good warning lamps to use.

Thanks Andy

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Mondeo fan on my 200tdi rad.


Just one more question how can you tell if a fan is twin speed.

You need to be careful, typically you would look for three connections, fast, slow and ground, but some fans (mine as a case in point) have a sense coil that gives an output when the fan is running, you don't want to put +12v on that, it's doesn't do much good.

Look carefully at the connection socket, it may well be labelled.

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Hi Andy

I used a Mondeo fan also but I would not worry too much about twin speed as mines been fitted for over 6 months and the fan has never come on, I did put the thermostat on the output side of the rad, has anyone else had this or have I messed up my wiring.

Defender 90 with disco (block only) defender housings, my temp guage sits just at the end of the line before the black section thats in front of the red band.

Any advice welcome

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I have picked up a mondeo fan today from the breakers the same as yours , what is in the bottom left corner of your picture as it's missing /been removed off mine :( Anything to worry about :rolleyes:

IIRC correctly, it's a resistor, probably used for dual speed control. nothing to worry about, I'd just blank off the hole.

I've got the switch in the radiator output, best place for it IMHO.

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Can anyone with a good knowledge of electrics advise which is the best way to wire the X-Eng thermostat up,

I have wired it the first way, but wonder if the second way is better as not to push the load through the thermostat.



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Your second diagram is better, in that the thermostatic switch isn't taking the full fan load, however, that circuit does not give you the option to over-ride the fan to the on position.

I would use (have used) an on-off-on switch, with one 'on' feed to the relay going direct, and the other 'on' feed going through the temp switch, that way you have the option to have the fan permanently on, off, or controlled by the thermostat.

You need to add a fuse to the main supply cable, too.

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Re-wired it up today as per the lower diagram, problem is that the fan came on straight away when the engine was stone cold??? moved the wire to the higher temp sender and it stopped off, I think there is a fault on the temp sender lower output. I put a signal tester across the terminal and got a small reading on the lower terminal and nothing on the higher range.

I will have to give Simon a bell

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