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Everything is ready to do the conversion

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Hello one and all, I know I've been asking loads of questions over a few forum but I'm now getting ready to do the engine and gearbox conversion.

I have now got a rebuilt defender 110 chassis and bulkhead with the rear tub, roof, sills and b pillars all back on and repainted, I think I'm ready to drop the engine and box in.

I have checked my transfer box from the original engine (V8) and is the 22D which is a 1.4, so I can use this (I belive).

I'll be removing my engine and gearbox from the discovery as soon as possible, can anyone advise the best procedure for lining everything up?

Do I need to use the disco crossmember? If so will it bolt straight on?

What wiring do I need to take over from the disco? - Is there anything that will catch me out?

I'm sure I'll be posting my questions as time goes on but I'm sure you've heard them all before!

Thanks in advance everyone.


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Guest diesel_jim

Are you using the original discovery main gearbox? you'll find that the gearsticks are in the wrong place if you do....

yes, use he disco crossmember (is it a 300Tdi?....if so, then the gearbox sits on that crossmember so it'll be necessary)

wiring wise... does your defender bulkhead still have the old wiring loom in it? it was a V8 before?

fairly easy, i'd take the loom off of the V8 lump, and graft it onto the Tdi. there's only half a dozen wires anyway, it's dead easy.

you'll need to make the glowplugs work though (well, not actually that important as the Tdi will start easily without them, but it won't hurt to connect them up), Lots of good info here in Nicks Jungle with regards to the wiring of said glowplugs, and other stuff

Fitting the engine: depends on how big your engine crane is.

if you're using something like a forklift or a JCB or a tractor, i'd bolt the engine and gearbox up together on the garage floor then lower the whole lot in one go.

If you're using a normal engine hoist, then fit the gearbox first, then drop in the engine. having no radiator or grill in the way helps things considerably.

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Yes, I'll be using the origing discovery 300tdi gearbox and making up a new centre seat box section, I no longer have the V8 engine or box as i sold these, however I do have the wiring still in place in the truck, is this easy to change to the 300 loom?

I sadly will be struggling like always with my engine crane, oh and I have a gravel drive which adds to the fun, (I've swapped 3 200tdi engine and not enjoyed a single one of them!)

Can anyone help with the position of the engine mounts? will they be in the same place as a standard 110 tdi? If so can anyone help with this location?

I'm planning on removing the engine mounts from the disco and grafting them out the defender so any help would be appreciated!

Thatnks for the swift reply Jim.

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