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Roof Tent Fitting

A Twig

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Right, I have my newly acquired roof tent, (thanks JP! :D) and am mounting it onto the front of my patriot roof rack equipped Defender 90.

Rather than mess about taking the luggage rails off the front and fabbing new brackets to hold it all together, I simply put the roofrack on back to front, as the only immediately noticeable difference is the curved corners, and it putss the U luggage rail at the rear which is what I wanted anyway.

My questions on the mounting are these.

Should I use the mounting bars provided, i.e. bolt the tent to the bar, then that bar to the roof rack?

Or as far as I can see it would be better to:

Bolt the tent straight to the roof rack, with some heavy duty rubber matting to insulate the two surfaces from each other?

Surely the second is a better way to distribute the weight of the tent? Or is there some blindingly obvious reason why people don't do this?


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Bolt it directly to the roofrack.

If you're not using the roofrack for anything other than holding the tent you could replace this with standard Thule type roof bars which will save some weight.

I used a couple of Halfords roofbars and drilled holes through so I can put bolts from the mounting channels on the tent straight through the bars.

Makes it very quick and easy to mount and demount the tent.

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