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TD5 steering Box play


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My 2000 TD5 Discovery had a steering box fitted at a garage shortly before I bought it, it has play in it when it is turned to full lock in either direction or close to lock.

In straight ahead and less tight turning it has no play, but close too or on lock about 2 nches of free play is in the steering wheel.

Is this normal? !I have had some cars where on lock there is play in the whole system due to angles of components but not the box/rack

Or is it something tjat can be adjusted out the box.

If it is not normal I would say only 6000 miles after fitting it is something that should be raised with the garage.

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There should be a max of 25mm (aka 1") at the steering wheel rim at the straight-ahead position according to the book of words. Play on lock is normal and nothing to worry about unless you are a circus act.

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Yes play at full lock is quite normal in LR steering boxes, as long as it is tight at the straight ahead position then nothing to worry about IMHO

thanks thats good to know. I just wanted to be sure seeing as it is a "new" box. I think it has perhaps settled in a bit aftyer fitting.

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