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Swapping a 10 spline front and salisbury rear 110

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Hello again one and all,

Right another question if you can help please everyone,

As you may have seen I have a V8 110 that I'm rebuilding using a rolled disco 300tdi.

Can I use the disc braked rear axle and the the front axle from the disco, mainly because there is vertuallu no play in them at all, where as there is alot of play in the defender axles (well the front anyway)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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you can use the front axle off the disco, but not the rear... the rear disco axle is not weight rated strong enough for the back of the 110, (and i think the sailsbury diff/halfshafts are stronger than the disco ones anyway)... the rear springs are bigger on the 110 aswell....

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