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Chassis identification and axle identification


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I've just bought a Series 1 hybrid. I think it has a shortenend RRC chassis with early RRC axles. For the dutch DVLA I have to identify this if I want a dutch license :(

So where can I find the chassis number on a RRC. I know it can be found on the righthand side outer chassis rail between the steering bolts. But I can't find anything there. If I resemble correctly sometimes it can be on a different place, can you tell me where?

And where are the numbers stamped on the axle? rear and front so I can identify those.

Already found the enige number en the gearbox number (just in front of the shifting lever).

Also is there a site with axle numbers so I can see which kind of axles I've got? Already found a V8 site for the engine.

Thx for the help!


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You'll find the axle number stamped on the axle tube just above the horizontal weld line on the front of the front axle and the rear of the rear axle.....if that makes sense :)

Sorry can't help with the rest.

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If the chassis is RRC then the number is stamped about 15mm above the lower steering box bolts and extends just beyond each bolt head.

It is very faint so you will have to wire brush back to bright metal before you can read it.


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