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Defender 90 A-Frame

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Hi All

Looking to do the old rear axel swap form a Disco to lose the drum brakes as I believe it is a straight swap (I have a nice transmission lft to help things along)

My question is if the Disco A frame is also interchangeable as mine is looking a little worse for wear and rather than restore it if I can get one with the Disco Axel that would be Ideal.

Thanks in adfvance and for all the really useful info on this forum, I have spent the last week reading it front to back.


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TBH if its all off its the perfect time to be changing the balljoint and bushes anyway so i wouldn't use that as an excuse not to change them.

I got the balljoint out with an 8lb sledgehammer and a big socket with the a frame sitting on some wooden blocks, pretty easy to do with it off the truck.

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I was thinking of changing the bushes to poly ones while I had the back off, and as I have 10 ton press at home getting the old ones out will be no problem. I even scarily bought a Radius arm bush insertion tool which has yet to come out the rapper!

I am a bit torn as to whether to swap diffs as mine were reconned 7500 miles ago.

The other option is to just use the diff in the new axel use the other for a locker convertion, although there can't be much of the diff that issued in the convertion? Surely they just nick the crown gear off it?

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