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Loss of Power Defender 110 "New Fuel pump"

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Morning All

I am a new Defender user have been looking for 4 years and found one and took it. 2001 110 defender TD5 has only 85KM on motor.

But a few problems so far after a 3 week period of having this LR. At first t was a noise fuel pump and after a few seconds in some gear 2nd ore 3rd it choked for a split second here and there bumm bumm bumm With out the bumm bumm sound and i changed gear and problem gone until i got to a higher RPM then again. This problem would not com when just slowly maintained the diesel oil and got the car to its highest speed slowly. But when i did floor it after coming out of a round about in 3rd gear then this came back sort of bumm bumm bumm. And this morning i did check when running cold i did floor it and nothing came then after about 10 minutes when the engine was getting hot then it started aagin

Ok fine every one i asked said your fuel pump makes so much noise that it is going to crash any day so i got a new pump and put it in. @ workshop so all done by pros. But the problem is still there fuel pump is not noise and i would not think it is messing things up but something else is.

I have read there is a RED ECU plug that may be dirty in oil. I am about to go for that if i get some other ideas then i will be very happy.

has any one had a similar problem with is Land Rover.

Please Please help please.

Elli Cassata

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Hi Elli

Since you have eliminated the fuel pump as a source of the trouble, it does sound very like the oil in the ECU issue. You can remove the red plug from the ECU - under the right hand seat - and see if there is black engine oil present. If there is, then you will need to replace the injector wiring loom - which takes about half an hour and costs about UKP45 IIRC. You will need to clean the red plug on the ECU each day for about a week using some electrical contact cleaner until no more oil appears.

Good luck!


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I think the "bumm bumm" (ooer!) noise might be the solenoid feeding the EGR valve, they sometimes make odd noises, usually when the EGR isn't working. It's on the RH wing on most I have seen, not sure about the newest ones though, a little solenoid with electrical connector and three pipes going into it. May be the EGR unit broken (common) or the inlet filter blocked (also common).

As Chris said the harness is another problem worth ruling out if only for future reliability!

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