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Front Diff Noise

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I have recently changed the Pinion seal on my front diff - Removed the Prop at the diff end only then the Flange retaining nut then pulled the flange of the spline

Put it all back together again and now i have a clonking noise when i am driving along.

I figure it must be the Prop - because i marked up the prop and flange so the same holes matched up but i didnt mark up the spline so i could have put the flange on any one of four ways its got 4 splines so the flange could have been put on wrong. - Question is how does this make a difference and how do i realign it now. Do i just keep turning the prop round one hole at a time to see if it makes a difference? or is it likely something else?

Either that or i tightened up the retaining flange nut to much..

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