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Want a free Manuel

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Yeah its a great site! I have downloaded a few things from there. :rolleyes: Pretty sure I discovered the site from via here though. Surely something like that ought to be pinned for future reference?


yep it should, I have not searched this site though?

Don't know if I can or how to pin this?

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Nah, us mere mortals cannot pin threads. The great & mighty Mods and Admin do that stuff. :rolleyes:

I hear that amongst other things Ralph can turn water into wine and create a four course feast for 5000 people with only a few fish heads and a few breadcrumbs and he is only a Mod ....us Admins have powers far, far beyond mortal comprehension :lol:;)

Yes this useful site has been mentioned quite a few times and it's also listed in the tech archive.

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