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Seats - stupid dumb question

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What is the score on seat/leg room on Defenders and Series Landrovers.

Some seem to have 'some' adjustment back and fore but others are fixed and have none.

Have looked at a couple of series vehicles but due to my 'ample girth' have found it difficult to get comfortable behind the wheel, what do I need to do do to add some rearward adjustment to seats on Series LR's and Defenders.

(posted in both forums)

My mates td5 Defender seems to have some adjustment back and fore, so whats the score with older vehicles.

Many thanks and apologies for such a basic question.

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Sorry no idea on the question, but here is a little snippet to do with seat slides:

Some seat slides have tags bent up which restrict movement backwards. These can be bent flat to give (usually) a couple of extra inches depending on bulkheads etc. But beware - the restricted movement tag was put in as a temporary fix because it was found that the slides weren't strong enough to pass crash-tests when fully extended... :o

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I think ALL are supposed to move, however my series and 90's runners were crudded up, probably because they are truck cabs and so never got adjusted.

As said, you can get some add ons to lift the seats and so move them back a few extra inches in anything but a truck cab, and station wagon doesn't have a rear bulkhead, you can also get a bulkhead replacement which is just a bar which probably gives some extra space.

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Guest diesel_jim
Seconded the above. Nobody knows everything, not even Uncle Ralph or Uncle Les :)


Ah, but what they don't know isn't worth knowing. :lol:

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