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Learning to TIG weld ?...you'll want one of these then TIG CALCULA

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A Miller Laminated TIG Guide

A plastic coated 4 x 9 inch caklcualtor with a slidy laminated card inside.

post-22-1217974780_thumb.jpg post-22-1217974827_thumb.jpg post-22-1217974837_thumb.jpg

This will allow you .....(or me)...... to see the settings for 'TIGging'

  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminium
  • (And if your nuts Magnesuim and Titanium)

For all the the above you select either

  • Butt weld :moglite: - no not that sort :lol:
  • Corner Weld
  • Lap Weld
  • Fillet Weld


The thickness of the steel etc you welding

It then tells you

  • Tungsten Size for torch
  • Cup Orifice size for shroud
  • Filer rod size
  • Amps
  • Gas Type
  • Flow for gas CFM
  • Flow PSI
  • Expected TIG weld speed per inch per minute

Explains types of electrodes and more

A little godsend for idiots learning like moi :)

Here at £1.50 inc P&P :blink: from Miller : Welding Guides

Arrived a fews days after ordering, its superb ....consider getting one :)

They do 'set of MIG TIG STICK' or all sepeartely


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It arrived fast Via UPS in a stiff evelope :moglite: and the delivery was amazingly fast at about 4-5 days !!

Worh it as the price incs P&P - and to the UK :)

I bought 3x of them, silly cheap really so I can then afford to lose one set fire to one and still have another handy :lol:


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