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starts go to work come out for lunch no start takes a day to start


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Hi all,

fuel problem I had is fixed well on the fuel filter side anyway. I have looked across the top of the tank and it seems like the fuel pump flexible to fuel line might be kinked but not sure - I don't really want to drop the tank. Might this be the cause of a starting problem which is afflicting the beast. There was a very good supply of fuel before I fixed the leak sprayed out every where!!

It starts fine from cold, but as soon as i go back to it after stopping sometimes 15 mins sometimes 2hrs or so it just wont fire up? Any ideas pleeease !!!

I've looked at the dizzie the relays, leads etc and all look brand new. It seems like it might be in the ecu which still has it seals tags on.

Does the ecu have fault codes?

How long does the ecu take to reset if the power supply is removed?

Thanks everybody.

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Hi all,

Sorry it's a RR3.5 efi flapper. Thanks for the ideas so far. I will have a look at those items i.e. plugs, coil and ignition amp. When it's cold it starts fine with plenty of revs and goes fine initially, and it only plays up when I stop and try to start it again.

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